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My Doctor – “You really need to write a book, and I really need to read it.”

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Fitness for the entrepreneur. I’ve had my issues with weight over the years. I can tell you one thing, I’m an expert at losing weight. Fitness experts might have been fat ONCE, if they’re lucky. I’ve been fat a handful of times. I know exactly how to safely transform the male Dad bod (or even the obese model), to a healthy sculpted beast. I’m documenting my personal journey this time and I’ll share everything I’m doing along the way. From nutrition and proper foods to a complete excersise and lifting plan.

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I’ve recovered from Cancer, back injury and surgery, a heart “condition” (we don’t call it a heart attack at home), and I have even dropped my LDL (the bad cholesterol) by 60 points in less than 4 months. I’ve gone from 260 lbs to 175 lbs in 18 months and have reconditioned my internal musculature, losing deadly organ fat in the process. Yet, here I am again. 250 lbs. I’m active on the farm but I’ve spent the last year on a sugar and carbohydrate binge. I did it on purpose. Mostly to create this content, to show you how it can be done.

OK maybe not completely for that reason. OK maybe I used this as an excuse. I tried it on Facebook live for 2 weeks last year. The attention was great! The top of funnel leads it generated was impressive. The platform, not so much. Not to mention it was cold!

But we all do it on purpose, don’t we? Get unhealthy. Get fat. We KNOW that you should stick to 2,500 calories a day from healthy foods and get plenty of excersise. Yet we don’t. There are lots of reasons why. I’ll share them along the way.

Isn’t it time you looked like an entrepreneur?

Isn’t it time for you to be healthy?

Isn’t it time to live forever, so you can actually enjoy your empire?



Low Calorie High Protein Lunch

Low Calorie Lunch

This is one of my typical lunches. I’m cheating on Paleo with the feta, but it’s fricken feta! #amIRight? I do weigh out my portions though. If you want to cut the calories back but keep the protein you can use smoked salmon instead. The sodium goes up but replacing the grilled salmon with 2 oz of smoked salmon will drop the calorie count to 180. The proteins will be right at 20 grams. I also add a no sugar Protein (Whey) Bar with this lunch.

Running Progress – 1K speed down by 1 minute 47 seconds in 6 weeks

I completed a 1K warm-up run in 4 minutes and 17 seconds. I feel really good about that. I should break a 4 minute kilometer soon.

I’ve never been a runner. Sprinter yes but I have never felt cardio was a good use of my abilities. I’m currently hitting a major wall with a good cardio workout at about 6:30 minutes in. I seem to be able to do more, faster and harder each time I train but I need some rest before the 7 minute mark.

Coach K’s Strength Training Camp

Here is a training program specific to 13-14 year old athletes. I created this for ball players to work on during the 8 week gap between BYB and Fall Ball.  A few of the players and parents from my former teams have expressed an interest in joining us so I thought I would open this up to anyone who might be interested. I spoke with the guys from Inside Pitch and as long as each participant has a $99/8 week membership, IP will be happy. I’m not seeking any kind of reimbursement.

Coach K’s Strength Training Camp


  • Learn how to strength train safely and effectively
  • Train how to swing at 100% power and still hit the ball
  • Train how to throw at 100% power and still hit the zone (effective for pitchers and non-pitchers alike)

Weight Training

                The percentages listed below identify the percent of maximum effort required for each station. Example: If a 14 year old can bench press 100 lbs. as their maximum, an 80% training weight would be 80 lbs. Each athlete will have their own unique max for each exercise although we will not be testing that max during this camp.

  • The first week I will teach the kids basic anatomy and how it relates to baseball. We will also work with very light weights to get proper execution of each circuit training station.
  • The second week we will introduce a bit more weight to build the engrams needed to properly lift heavier weights. We will also talk about nutrition and getting the most out of food and sleep to maximize their results from their efforts in the gym.
  • In the Third week we will begin working with more challenging weights

Tunnel Training

                Hitting: We will be spending a ton of time on the tee’s with some live pitching thrown in.

Throwing:  We will be running through a series of throwing drills intended to train the body to throw hard, with confidence, and on target.  

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Anatomy, Nervous System Training 6/23 OrientationWeight Room Orientation – Tunnel Weight Training (20%) Tunnel Weight Training (20%)
Nutrition, Memory Engrams 6/30 Weight Training (40%) Tunnel Weight Training (40%) Tunnel Weight Training (40%)
Ramp up – 7/7 Weight Training (60%) Tunnel Weight Training (60%) Tunnel Weight Training (60%)
Circuit Training – 7/14 Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%)
Circuit Training – 7/21 Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%)
Circuit Training – 7/28 Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%)
Circuit Training – 8/4 Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%)
Circuit Training – 8/11 Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%) Tunnel Weight Training (80%)