Congratulations on your choices!

thinkingmanYou could say I’m lucky. Born male, to a US middle class white family, in the 20th century, gives one, immense privilege. You could say I’m extremely lucky. Str, wis, dex – 17s across the board. Int and chr, solid 19s (half elf don’t you know) and a 18 const (ain’t found a way to kill me yet). None of which I can take any credit for. But I do so enjoy being me.

I explain to my children, “it’s how you use that luck that matters. Will you let it die with you, or do you make a difference? Either way, live a GREAT life”. But I’ve recently come to realize my ambition is also a luck virtue. Some might even say a curse. I’m not the guy you bring to the frat. Most of my waking moments are dedicated to self improvement in one way or another.

While I’d like to take credit for the dedication, the study, the 10,000 hours of practice spent to gain true mastery, I have come to realize we are not just products of our environment, we ARE the environment. We can’t really take credit for or assume blame, for anything we are. And little of what we are drawn to do.

It all comes down to choice. Choosing to study. Choosing to join luck with skill and opportunity. Choosing to take risks. Choosing to be a good person who wishes to leave the world just a bit better than I found it.

Yes. Choice. I take credit for my choices.

So next time someone posts about how awesome they are, an accurate pat-on-the-back might be “congratulations on your choices!” (it works equally well for those who would proclaim,  “life sucks”.)