Article for ICS

I recently wrote an article for the magazine ICS – Cleaning Specialist titled; Business Might: Leveraging Fortune 500 Technologies in your Service Business.

At 1600+ words it’s a bit long even for a printed article. My editor said he actually ADDED words (does that really happen?) but they accepted the entire article without making edits of their own, so I guess that liked it.

The piece outlines and explains concepts such as big data, cloud processing, SaaS and the like. Then it identifies several key factors service companies should be looking for when shopping for business software. It was the featured article for their Trade Show publication. Nice.


ServiceMonster CEO to Join IICRCA Board of Directors – NICE!

ServiceMonster is proud to announce that Joe Kowalski, co-founder and CEO of Principal Focus, LLC, was recently selected to join the board of directors for the International Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Council of Associations (IICRCA).  Joe was selected due to his experience both with technology and marketing as they pertain to the industry, and he is looking forward to contributing what he can to help the IICRCA modernize its approach to marketing and to expand its membership base.

The IICRCA’s mission is to be a global voice for inspection, cleaning, and restoration associations to help foster communication, education, and networking opportunities. Members of the IICRCA gain access to a variety of industry perks and services, ranging from payroll services, to discounts on fuel, uniforms, and supplies. Current members include supplier-distributors such as Interlink Supply and DRI-EAZE, franchises such as ServiceMaster Clean and Paul Davis Restoration, and many more.

Joe has been involved in the industry since 2003 when he founded ServiceMonster, the first online business management software platform designed for carpet cleaners. Since then, the company has grown along with its client base, and now ServiceMonster is quickly becoming the favorite platform for a wide variety of service industry professions. He attributes the company’s success to its commitment to using cutting-edge technology, the constant improvements and upgrades that have been suggested by ServiceMonster subscribers, as well as ServiceMonster’s friendly support staff who truly understand the needs of small business owners.

ServiceMonster has also helped small businesses approach marketing from a data-driven perspective: the ability to track marketing campaigns and calculate the return on investment for any particular marketing expense is ultimately what makes ServiceMonster stand out among other software platforms. In today’s noisy social and viral advertising landscape, Joe is looking forward to applying his experience with practical, data-driven marketing management to help the IICRCA better achieve its goals.

Clients love it when they know what’s the what?

Here is the ServiceMonster Letter to clients I wrote attempting to address the Azure issue and explaining the timeline for the Amazon AWS migration.I was a little nervous at first as conventional business wisdom suggests this approach could leave you open to further attack and hostility.

We found the very opposite to be true. Our clients felt as if we were including them in the hardship we were facing. By providing them a peek behind the corporate vial they gave us a little latitude. Well, enough latitude to fix the issue which I’am happy to report we did. Good-bye Azure. And thank you AWS for giving me my sanity back.