The Lenovo Yoga 2 pro Ultrabook – Simply the best device I have ever used

lenovo-yoga-2-proI have had the fortune of using many business and consumer devices over the course of my career. From the first smart phones running palm OS (Samsong SPH-500 and the Trio 90) to the early iPhone to the Windows Phone 8.1 I run today. When laptops first hit the market I was right in line, looking forwarded to running Visual Studio in front of my television. For ServiceMonster, we get every relevant device to use in engineering. When the early tablet PCs hit the market (with a silent thud) I knew what the future would hold. And now I use that device today.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 is small (14″ touch screen), fast (i7 intel), and efficient (5 hour battery life). With the back-lit keyboard I can work at night without bothering my wife and the 256 gig SSD boots in under 20 seconds. I can go from cold boot to working in Visual Studio in under 60 seconds.

It’s a dream to travel with too. The size is good for working and watching movies and still small enough to not be bothered by the guy in front of you that reclines for the entire airplane ride. The flip ability of this ultra book is cool, though I mostly use it in laptop mode when working, tent mode when watching movies, and tablet mode when playing games.

Windows 8.1 virtual keyboard and html form interface leave plenty of room for improvement but I do ever so love this device. Will done Lenovo.